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Engineers give back to Lemon Bay Historical Society



ENGLEWOOD — DMK Associates offered some relief to the Lemon Bay Historical Society.

The Historical Society is still tabulating the costs to resettle the historic Green Street Church Museum into its present location on South Indiana Avenue, beside the equally historic Lemon Bay Cemetery.

DMK, the engineers on the project, had billed the Historical Society $49,000 for engineering services.

DMK vice president Kreg Maheu and DMK senior project manager Mary Ann Lind presented the Historical Society a rebate-donation of $7,500 Wednesday.

Every dollar helps, especially since expenses are expected to exceed $200,000 in the effort to save the 91-year-old structure that had served as Englewood’s first house of worship.

Two years ago, the Historical Society faced a dilemma. For years, the small group leased the building for $1 per year from CrossPoint Church of the Nazarene on West Green Street.

But that arrangement ended when the church decided to expand its school on their property.

Rather than demolishing the building, the Historical Society members decided to save the building.

The Lemon Bay Cemetery trustees agreed to donate property at the cemetery and ensure Englewood’s first church would have a “forever home.”

In the early morning hours of Sept. 11, 2018, the 90-year-old church building completed its arduous 1-mile, fourhour journey from West Green Street to the cemetery.

The Historical Society has enjoyed strong community support.

Thanks to private donations, grants, in-kind services and other contributions, the Historical Society has been able to stay the course.

Recently, thanks to Tom and Annette Dignam through the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, the Historical Society was awarded a $25,000 grant. The Sarasota County Community Redevelopment Agency in Englewood provided two $50,000 matching grants.

Still, Historical Society is expecting to face some debt. How much, they do not know yet.

The Lemon Bay Historical Society is a tax-exempt, nonprofit.

To donate or learn more about the Church and Museum and Lemon Bay Historical Society, visit or call 305-504-7220.

The Historical Society also set up a Facebook page. Donations can be mailed to Lemon Bay Historical Society, P.O.

Box 1245, Englewood FL 34295.


DMK Associates presented the Lemon Bay Historical Society a rebate-donation of $7,500 Wednesday. That lessens the $49,000 in engineering costs the group had to pay to save and move the 91-year-old Green Street Church Museum. Pictured are DMK vice president Kreg Maheu, Historical Society board member Esther Horton, DMK senior project manager Mary Ann Lind, and board members Nancy Wille, Don Bayley, Linda Schilke and Larry VanTilburg.


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